Your Digital Echoes

Afterlyfe will store your tweets until your death. After you've passed on, it will start sending out your last year of tweets on the anniversary of that tweet.
Every year.
For as long as Twitter exists.

Post-Life Performance Art

"I honestly can't decide if it's funny, morbid, thought-provoking or just plain weird. It's a performance art project that will take me decades to complete, and I'll never get to see the results." -Brian Brushwood

Isn't it tacky and morbid? Probably.

There are services that already exist that nuke all your online data after your demise. It just seems like such a waste. We pour so much of our personality into our updates and so much of them get forgotten over time... We all make jokes about haunting our friends if we meet an untimely demise, but now you can actually do it.


Afterlyfe has been talked about on some big-name podcasts like This Week in Tech, Weird Things, TechStuff, and Stuff To Blow Your Mind. Here's a few of our mentions...

This Week in Tech

Episode 284: ¿Dónde está Leo's Grave?

"I love this! I love this!" -Leo Laporte

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Stuff To Blow Your Mind

The Quest for Cyberimmortality

"It's an interesting first real stab at cyberimmortality." -Robert Lamb

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Weird Things

Dead Shwood, Live Hitler

"I think is a very, very, very intriguing, interesting, thought-provoking art project." -Justin Robert Young

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TechStuff Conjures Up Brian Brushwood

"Personally, I love it. I mean, I just love the idea of someone reading a tweet and saying, 'Jonathan's been dead for 20 years and he's still slamming the iPad.'" -Jonathan Strickland

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